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EllaFashion has launched its unique digital labelling solution, designed to meet the unique needs of today’s fashion retailers. The launch took place at international fashion tradeshow Momad Metrópolis, in Madrid, Spain, on 11-13 September 2015.

The rise of e-commerce, showrooming, manual pricing errors, creating a truly omnichannel experience – EllaFashion understands both the everyday challenges that fashion retailers face, as well as the need to refine and enhance overall business strategies in line with the changing landscape of this fast-moving and competitive industry.

A trademark of the Finnish electronic technologies MariElla Labels Oy company, which was founded in 2006, offers a unique EllaFashion electronic price tag solution for apparel. Designed in close cooperation with retailers, its digital pricetags – built with e-paper technology – ultimately enable forward-looking fashion retailers to become more profitable by bringing the benefits of digital into physical stores.

These electronic pricetags can easily be integrated into with a store’s legacy, back-of-house IT system, allowing for immediate, automatic price updates to all apparel on the shop floor with just a click of the button. This allows retailers to always ensure prices are matched across all platforms without significant manual effort, fulfilling the modern customer’s expectations and helping support a better omnichannel experience. They also allow retailers to enact dynamic pricing – so should sales for a particular product be down, a retailer can respond by immediately implementing promotional pricing, thus driving-up demand.

EllaFashion’s pricetags also allow a store to take inventory in real-time. The ability to receive accurate, immediate inventory data means that stores can free up stock space; or track which items are selling fast and need to be replenished, thus reducing the likelihood of being ‘out of stock’ and losing revenue opportunities.

In addition, the pricetags can be adapted to meet the unique requirements of an individual store, including incorporating brand marketing and logos onto the tags. Furthermore, should shoplifting be a particular challenge, they can be fully integrated into legacy anti-theft systems to provide an additional layer of security.

Niclas Qvist, Vice President, global sales & marketing at EllaFashion, said: “I am delighted to announce the launch of EllaFashion’s digital labelling solution, a truly ground-breaking product which fills an important gap in today’s market. By enabling both immediate, dynamic pricing in-stores as well as real-time inventory management, EllaFashion’s electronic pricetags bring the benefits of digital into fashion stores – enabling fashion retailers to build smarter stores, and a healthier bottom line.”

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