Benefits With Dynamic Pricing

EllaFashion is a digital pricing solution developed in close co-operation with retailers, for retailers. It combines digital price tags with smart fitting room and is an attractive choice for most different environments; from an exclusive boutique to outlets and anything in between. Retailer saves money and receives a reliable tool for maximizing sales, profit and margins.

EllaFashion provides dynamic pricing, real-time inventory and an efficient anti-theft system. The smart fitting room improves customer service and helps the customers to try and buy more.
The digital price tags are light-weight, small and elegant. Pricing is easily kept up to date, as the retailer can change prices with just a push of a button.
Getting started with EllaFashion is easy and economical.

Seven reasons for dynamic pricing

Digital Pricing Tool

To maximize the profit, EllaPricingTool follows the demand and updates the prices according to the sales data to keep the sales plan. Prices are updated automatically according to the EllaPricingTool. Prices are decreased or increased and EllaFashion Prise Tags updated accordingly.

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