The potential is there and everyone is used to rate the 1 to 5 stars from a good restaurant to cool games or a comfortable hotel to stay in. It is a perfect way to indicate the customers, that which one of the goods have been recommended by other consumers – just like you and me.

Stars tell more than a thousand words
During these busy times, that we are living in and not wanting to spend a second too much for unproductive reading. That is why the star rating is an important issue. An immediate sign of telling the consumer in a short moment, that is the product good and worthwhile buying. Our brains work in the way, that we recognize the photo instantly instead, but reading comments from various sources take much longer.. How would that change, if you would had the rating already in the EllaFashion price labels as you see the interesting product in the store?

Supporting the consumer to make their buying decision
Consumers need and want neutral help on the buying path. As purchasing a fashion product or a new trend item, it is vital to get more knowledge on the product from friends and other reliable sources. In the memorable customer experience the rating can be easily seen on the EllaFashion shelf edge labels as the rating goes from one star up to the most wanted five star appreciation.

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