Ever imagine how easy it would be when all the clothes would change prices at the same time? What if there was no manual work behind the process and no human errors? What could be achieved with the time, sweat and effort, that is spent on changing the prices to all the clothes? On top of it, there would not be paper work, excel sheets, color pens and price tables. What if all the price changing would be, just behind a push of a button. With EllaFashion Solution it is reality - today.

Correct Price at the Correct Product
With the smart electronic price labels you can change the prices whenever the need comes along or you want to preprogram them in advance. You can also update the prices up or down, depending on the demand of the product. At store level there would not be confused customers or too busy sales personnel, who have no time for the customer’s needs. Not either would there be too many price stickers on clothes, just the previous and the sales price. The situation would be easy and clear for everyone. Just the sales price and the original – both shown on the label screen.

Focus on Customer Experience and Service
Consumers are expecting to be fascinated by the trip to brick and mortal. So let’s give them the customer experience they deserve. There will be no need to hire new personnel to change the pricing on clothes or even use own valuable sales force to do it. Just let the EllaFashion smart label solution take care of it and enjoy the cash flow and satisfy consumers.

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